Every entrepreneur feels the need to give back and share their experience, we have been on the road many wish to take, what better outlet to share our stories than with LAUNCH ON FIRE community, not only do we get to give back, but also learn from others that have traveled similar roads in different industries, the value added is priceless. Networking at it’s finest with people I am proud to know for the rest of my life.

Humoud Al-Sabah / Founder, Ryoog

It is an honor and a privilege to be a part of LAUNCH ON FIRE community, to interact with like-minded individuals and constantly inspire one another with the spirit of self-development and entrepreneurship. Proximity is a key to success, surrounding yourself with the right people is crucial to take your skills to the next level.

Neda Al-Dihay / Co-founder, Brilliant Lab

Khalid Al-Zanki has to be the most passionate person when it comes to entrepreneurship, and that has clearly manifested into LAUNCH ON FIRE podcast. As a Kuwaiti entrepreneur, I have faced various struggles and Khalid has helped me put those into perspective, as well as my achievements. There isn’t another forum I can think of that allows for people like myself to talk about their small businesses. The podcast was an experience I will never forget being part of, and am proud to be part of LAUNCH ON FIRE Community.

Kinda Al-Fares / Former Co-founder, CP Magazine

Nothing is more crucial to success than learning from mentors! Understanding the path they have been on and obstacles overcome as anticipation is the best preparation! at LAUNCH ON FIRE, Khalid Al-Zanki allows listeners just that with some of the most inspiring people in Kuwait! More than entertainment it’s a service for entrepreneurs and success.

Hassan Al-Mosawi / Fromer Co-founder, Richter Creative

LAUNCH ON FIRE Business Podcast adds a great value to our community. It allows entrepreneurs in Kuwait to share their profound experiences and establish strong communication with their community. I feel we are in need for such initiatives to be embraced and supported by everyone. It was my pleasure to have taken part in LAUNCH ON FIRE and I wish the team success in their future endeavor.

Mohammed Jaffar / Former CEO, Talabat.ocm

As an expert in the sales field, increasing the awareness of selling is a big responsibility to develop the businesses, having the honor and taking part on LAUNCH ON FIRE is a great channel to do so. Entrepreneurs will have a long-term reference in several aspects in business from lessons to real life experience so they can implement, and this great podcast is extremely full of valuable business information.

Faisal Al-Mahmneed / Founder, Prime Sales

I’m very proud to be a member of LAUNCH ON FIRE Community, where I found a new network, and new community experience. Special thanks for Khalid Al-Zanki for this unique opportunity & positive surrounding of LAUNCH ON FIRE community.

Mubarak Esmail / Founder, Ideas Owners

A brilliant job performed by an extraordinary person who appreciates the importance of data and information usage in the business world. The unique characteristic in our region that deserves a big kudos!

Sayed Abbas Almohri / Former CEO, Tech Enterprises